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Galaxy Evolutionary Synthesis Models
help you understand your data on star clusters and galaxies from the early universe until today in terms of their relevant physical and chemical properties and their evolutionary state.

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How to reference GALEV and this webpage:

If you use the models created with this webform in any publication, then please cite

Ralf Kotulla, Uta Fritze, Peter Weilbacher & Peter Anders
MNRAS 396, 462 (2009) - ArXiv:0903.0378 (2009)

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We would also be very happy to recieve a copy of your paper for our references.

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Relevant papers

The papers listed below can give a good start on the current properties and assumptions that go into the models, and also give some examples what our models can be used for.

This list is highly incomplete, so please also have a look at our complete publication list

Star clusters
Undisturbed galaxies
Interacting galaxies, mergers & starbursts

Help, frequently asked questions & Troubleshooting

For questions on which parameter you can select and what they mean visit the HELP pages. Answers on the most frequently asked questions and some tips and tricks on how to run your model can be found here.

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Illustrated step-by-step guide, including short explanations on the parameters as well as some tips on what to look out for. This document is still in the making, so please tell us what you think and where/how we can improve it.

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